CSIT – 441 First Blog

This is the post excerpt.


This is my first post for the final project. I plan on using the depth first algorithm in order to place the pieces. currently I have made it so the user can enter what team he or she wants then the AI would be the remaining other teams. If I have the time I would like to make it playable in VR, but first I would like to make it so an entire game can be played. Looking at it now it seems like doing either will be a lot of work.

CSIT-441 Fifth Post

This week I was able to make the game board, even though it looks like squares. I also have it so that it prints out the tile number, what resource, the number on the tile, and the heuristic. Then the AI would place there pieces based on where the highest heuristic that is left. I was not able to make it so that the player gets to places he pieces, but they are able to pick there team that they want. last it prints out the game board every time a new piece is added. Also unfortunately I did not put any of the tile information on the tiles themselves, because then the board would have been way to big so i have a chart that tell all the information for each tile. Screenshot (9).png

CSIT – 441 Second Blog

This is my second post for the final project. so far what I have done is make it so that a person can select what team color they would like and then the computer players would be the other 3 teams. I don’t think that i will make it have more then that many teams because the way that it looks now it will be a lot of work with just 4 teams. next i plan i hopefully getting the board done i think as of now i might just use the console.